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A British company at the forefront of the design and manufacture of steering systems for commercial vehicles has seen interest surge during the coronavirus pandemic, in its latest concept, a detachable steering wheel for buses.
Pictured is a multifunction steering wheel compliments of MAN Bus.

British West Midlands-based Pailton Engineering first developed the concept to raise awareness of the unhygienic conditions faced by bus drivers, with multiple drivers using the same vehicles and making frequent contact with the same touch points.

Now though, with interest in the idea having spiked following COVID-19, the company, which supplies many of the industry’s biggest players from its plant in Coventry, is looking to bring the product to market.
Do you see the product going into full production? If so, when do you think that might happen?

However, realistically the company says that regulations will need to catch up to this new idea, but theoretically, this product could be a reality in two years’ time. As with any novel concept, it will take the early adopters to implement it first, prior to taking it into full production.
Pailton Engineering specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke, high quality, steering and suspension parts for commercial and military vehicles. Their highly skilled and experienced engineers work with customers to design anything from individual parts through to a complete, fully tested steering solution.