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Workshop tips for compressed-air compressors

In the latest episode on the topic of compressed-air compressors, the ‘Parts Specialists’ from DT Spare Parts show viewers what they need to look out for when replacing these parts. Lars and Kevin say that the actual cause of damage is often in the area surrounding the compressor.

On inspecting the removed compressor, the pair identify the cause of damage as being in the air intake system. A foreign body was present, which pierced the lamella. Lars and Kevin use other models to show viewers further images of damages that can occur in compressors. Damage may even be caused by a broken driver, for example.

In searching for the defect, it is often assumed that the compressor is the cause of damage. However, more often than not, the cause is in the area around the compressor, such as in the air intake tract. Dirt can find its way into the tract and end up in the compression chamber by passing through the air intake lamella.

The full video, complete with tips and tricks, is available here.

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