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The best in braking from Borg & Beck

To undertake service or repair work on a car or light commercial vehicle’s braking system, technicians need to be sure they are fitting a brand they can trust, with the product quality that both they and their valued customers can depend on. First Line Ltd is a renowned and trusted aftermarket supplier and under its Borg & Beck brand offers a range of BECKTEC coated brake discs and double rubber shimmed brake pads that provides the ideal solution for the discerning professional.

BECKTEC coated discs incorporate innovative water-based technology to produce a fully protected disc, which not only looks good, but more importantly saves time during installation, as technicians do not have to remove any oil residue before fitting, so they can go straight from the box to the hub.

As well as protecting the disc inside and out against rust and corrosion, the water-based coating, which incorporatesZinc-Aluminium flakes, also provides improved thermal properties that result in better braking performance. Borg & Beck never compromises on quality, and brake discs are no exception as they are high in carbon content and dimensionally matching the OE specification, especially vented discs, which is where some competitors can reduce costs by thinning the plates and reducing the product life expectancy.

Borg & Beck’s BECKTEC double rubber shimmed pads offer a fine copper-free semi-metallic compound consistent with the original equipment (OE) formulation, which mitigates the corrosive effects and noise associated with coarser, less expensive pads that wear quickly and perform less effectively. Plus, in-line with OE specification, the pads are chamfered and grooved, and, where applicable, are supplied with integral wear leads, sensors, bolts and accessories, offering a premium aftermarket solution.

Another key area in braking is fitting kits. It is best practice that when brake pads are replaced the fitting kits should also be replaced as tension in the springs reduces significantly over time and other parts may be worn and in need of replacement. Borg & Beck’s range of more than 625 brake fitting kits offers a comprehensive solution that ensures the correct operation of the braking assembly is achieved, minimising the possibility of noise, uneven wear or unequal brake effort following complete replacement.

Overall, the Borg & Beck braking range now encompasses more than 1,600 discs and 1,250 pads and continues to grow on a monthly basis. Naturally, all are manufactured to the highest standard and undergo rigorous testing to ensure their reliability and durability.