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Keeping the van fleet moving more critical than ever

Vans have always played an important role in the UK & Ireland’s economy, but with the rise of internet shopping and home delivery, the segment has been booming in recent years.

Whether it’s supporting the ever growing delivery market or the longstanding construction and building maintenance sector, the health of the national fleet van is more important than ever.

Davanti’s DX440 tyre is designed specifically for the needs of the modern van driver. With many operating as sole traders, time is money so the DX440 is built with longevity in mind. Its silica compound is optimised to offer mileage without sacrificing comfort or grip.

If you are on the road for a significant time, comfort is high on your priority list. Davanti engineered the DX440 carcass to offer a comfortable ride, even under significant load. It also has a unique tread block design, which reduces road noise – one more way Davanti is looking out for van drivers.

“We spent a lot of time trying to find the optimal solution to cater for this demanding segment,” said Davanti Tyres General Manager Peter Cross.

“The challenge was packaging all that up into a tyre that still performs under major load and which remained sharp under braking and nimble in steering.

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