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IRHA welcomes programme for government

The Irish Road Haulage Association (IRHA) has welcomed the programme for Government with its commitment with a 10-year plan for the development of the road haulage industry and its vital role in the government’s goal of a 7 per cent annual emissions reduction.  

IRHA president Eugene Drennan commented: “ This recognition of the industry and its role in Irish life is an historic first coming on the heels of An Taoiseach’s acknowledgment of the industry’s vital role during the current pandemic is most welcome.”

He added: “For many years the private road haulage industry suffered the indignity of having policy and regulation put upon them by the department of transport.  In the past twenty years the IRHA has lobbied for and represented the sector to a point that they have become the point of reference for road haulage.   It is truly is a sign of the times and a sign of the value that a government sees in the private road haulage industry when it is included in the programme for government.”

He concluded: “We face many challenges in the next government term, the recovery from Covid 19, emission reduction and Brexit.  We are aware there will be many contentious issues arising from emissions reductions measures however our participation in the ten year Program will ensure we are not steam rollered over by departmental hobby horses.  We will not be found wanting when it comes to playing our part in helping Irish industry recover and thrive.   Inclusion by government shows trust in a sector to be responsible, we are ready and will be fair in