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FORS restarts on-site audits

FORS has announced that it will resume on-site Bronze auditing for members based in England, following a break in light of Covid-19 restrictions.

FORS members in England will once again be able to book Bronze on-site audits from Monday, June 15 in line with the lifting of governmental restrictions on travel and work in the country. Whilst operators outside of England will also be able to book audits, the delivery of these will be subject to future easing of local restrictions.

Stringent coronavirus measures have been introduced to ensure the safety of FORS members and auditors during the process.
FORS director, John Hix, said, “We know our members are keen to get back to business, but ensuring the safety of members and auditors as the organisation adjusts to these ‘new normal’ working practices is paramount.”

To help manage audits, and in line with government guidelines, FORS has produced  Covid-19 Bronze on-site auditing rules and requirements, detailing the steps that auditors and auditees must adhere to so that an on-site audit can go ahead.
In order to minimise the risks of transmittal of Covid-19 and until further notice FORS is placing obligations on auditors, audit providers and the organisation receiving the audit. This includes FORS operators requesting a Bronze on-site audit having to complete a Covid-19 risk assessment, in line with the government guidance on working safely during Covid-19 in offices.

Hix added, “Members in England will need to confirm a variety of measures are in place to limit interaction between individuals during the auditing process, for example providing a single and only point of contact for the audit, as well as arranging for all evidence to be provided in the room where the audit is taking place.

“Our rules and requirements are based on information issued by the UK government, but the FORS document is only applicable to England as there are still regional, national and international restrictions that apply which may continue to prevent FORS audits being undertaken in other parts of the UK.”

FORS has been maintaining member accreditation at their current levels since Bronze on-site audits were suspended on March 23 for those with expired accreditations.

As of June 15, FORS members will be able to request a Bronze on-site audit in the usual way, via their dashboard.