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Hella offers its ADAS knowledge

Knowledge of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is becoming a necessary requirement in the aftermarket as more vehicles with these systems are entering the workshop.  Hella is an ADAS specialist that not only designs and manufactures many of the sensors and radars on which these systems rely, but through its subsidiary, Hella Gutmann Solutions (HGS), has been educating the industry in the importance of ADAS calibration and its repercussions for independent businesses for more than a decade. 

Parking related assistance is a common ADAS technology that helps drivers during parking manoeuvres and it is park distance control (PDC) that warns them of obstacles in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle, which means it is an important element within these systems.

The traditional PDC operates on the basis of ultrasound, which is emitted using several sensors and if an obstacle is detected, they alert the driver. The more ultrasonic sensors installed and spread out across the width of the vehicle, the more accurate the measurement result will be. Depending on the vehicle or on the system, LED displays, graphic representations on the screen or purely sound signalling devices can be installed.

PDC is a featured utilised by many manufacturers including Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, BMW, Toyota, Ford, Mazda, Range Rover and Volvo, although the designation varies.

If the PDC fails, the fault lamp lights up (system-dependent) or an error entry in the control unit.

The following causes can be responsible for the failure of the PDC:

  • Power supply faulty

  • External damage to bumper or sensors

  • Defective ultrasonic sensor

  • Defective sound signalling device (beeper)

  • Defective control unit

To support technicians in quickly and efficiently identifying the cause and rectifying the problem, Hella has provided a video on how to check the vehicle and correctly install replacement sensors on its TechWorld website:

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