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VisionTrack launches VT3000 4G vehicle camera

VisionTrack has launched its latest innovation in the form of the VT3000, a three-channel 4G vehicle camera with a blind-spot detection side camera and a video telematics package specially designed to meet the upcoming London Direct Vision Standard (DVS).The VT3000 is a forward-facing camera that can be combined with two additional cameras including side, rear or cargo view. Alternatively, it can take in a feed from a camera facing the driver designed to detect fatigue or distraction.

The new blind-spot side-view cameras are now forward facing from the rear of the vehicle and use AI to differentiate between ­fixed objects such as railings and cyclists or pedestrians and so reduce the number of false alerts.

Images can be displayed on a single monitor on the vehicle dash, and can be fed to an existing display screen if the vehicle is already ­fitted with one.

The camera also has unique live streaming and video replay capabilities, providing added visibility to fleet managers.