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Questions on the suspended testing

The Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness (Vehicle Testing) (Amendment) Regulations 2020 were signed by the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport on 20 April 2020 and come into effect immediately. 

These new measures recognise that commercial vehicle owners have not been able to undertake vehicle tests because of the suspension of commercial vehicle roadworthiness (CVR) testing from 28 March 2020 and are part of the State’s coordinated response to the COVID-19 virus. 
In summary, the effect of these measures is to extend the test due dates by 3 months for commercial vehicles due a CVR test on or after 28 March 2020. 
Check out the Questions and Answers below if you have any queries. If you cannot get the answer here concerning any query about the revision to CVR test due dates that are not covered in this document, send it to 
CVR Test Extension Regulations 2020 Frequently Asked Questions 
1. What vehicles are covered in the extension of the test due dates for commercial vehicles? 
 • Any commercial vehicle with a first test due date falling during the period beginning on 28 March 2020 and ending on 30 June 2020, will have its test due date pushed forward by 3 months. 
 • Any vehicle with a valid certificate of roadworthiness (CRW) on 28 March 2020 (i.e. test due date on or after 28 March 2020), will have its test due date pushed forward by 3 months. 
2. Does the extension apply for all subsequent test due dates? 
The regulations reset the test due date for those vehicles with a test due date on or after 28 March 2020 and this new date will then be the test due date for the future e.g. if a vehicle had a test due date of 1 April 2020, this will be extended to 1 July 2020 and if tested on time, its next test due date will be 1 July 2021 (assuming it usually gets a 12 month CRW). 
3. Do I still need a CRW to tax my vehicle? 
The requirement to have a CRW to tax a commercial vehicle has been revoked so you will be able to tax your vehicle. The obligation to hold a current CRW for a vehicle being used on a public road continues to apply. 
4. When does the extension cease? 
This is a single extension of the test due date by 3 months for CVR vehicles that hold a valid CRW on 28 March 2020 or are due their first test between 28 March 2020 and 30 June 2020 inclusive. Page 2 of 4 
5. Is there a possibility that the extension period of 3 months in the regulations could be extended if there is no easing of the current restrictions imposed by the Government response to the COVID-19 virus? The position will continue to be monitored in light of Government advice relating to COVID 19. The date for the resumption of CVR testing will be determined by the prevailing advice and guidance from the HSE. 
6. Is a vehicle owner required to apply for an extension of their current CRW for a vehicle? 
No. It is not necessary to do so. The 3-month extension will automatically be applied to eligible vehicle records on the National Vehicle Driver File retained by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, but please understand that it will take some time to make the changes to the records. 
7. Is it is intended to post out a new CRW to cover the 3-month extension? No. The change in the test due date will be recorded digitally on the vehicle record contained on the National Vehicle and Driver File. You can check that your test due date has been extended at:,  but please understand that it will take some time to make the changes to the vehicle records. 
8. Should I retain my expired CRW and continue to display it on the vehicle? Yes – the latest CRW issued in respect of the vehicle should be retained. You should also continue to display the most recent CRW disc for your vehicle, even if is out of date. 
9. If I am asked for a CRW when abroad what should I present? 
The RSA recommends that the most recent CRW for the vehicle, including trailers, should be presented together with any record of inspection carried out by an enforcement officer in the past three months. Evidence of repairs, following a roadside inspection, on-going repairs and details of walk around checks conducted should also be carried by the driver to demonstrate on-going compliance. 
10. I have misplaced my CRW, can I apply for a replacement? 
The RSA continues to process applications for replacement CRWs and there are no significant delays in this regard. There is no need to apply for a replacement CRW to cover the 3-month extension period. 
11. My commercial vehicle was declared off the road for tax purposes and the CRW expired when it was off the road. Does the 3-month extension apply? 
No, the extension will not apply as the CRW for the vehicle expired before 28 March 2020. 
12. My vehicle was overdue a test on 28 March 2020, does the extension apply to that vehicle? 
No, the extension will not apply as the CRW for the vehicle expired before 28 March 2020. Page 3 of 4 
13. My vehicle is overdue a test? Will I be issued with a ‘short’ CRW? 
Yes – the rules relating to issuing of CRWs remain intact. Therefore, if the vehicle is late for a test, a CRW for less than 12 months will be issued for the vehicle concerned and the 3-month extension will not apply. 
14. My vehicle was due its first test in early March 2020, do I get the 3-month extension? 
No – if a vehicle’s test due date was in early March 2020 but it had not passed its test by 28 March 2020, the vehicle will not be eligible for the extension (on the basis that the vehicle did not have a valid CRW on 28 March 2020). CVR 
15. I was due a retest for a vehicle prior to the suspension of testing, will I be entitled to the extension? 
If the current CRW expires on or after 28 March 2020, the extension will apply, otherwise it will not be extended. 
16. I was due a retest for a vehicle prior to the suspension of testing, will my CVR testing centre be able to undertake a retest? 
While the CVR testing centres remain suspended this will not be possible. The RSA is exploring possible options for emergency tests having regard to HSE guidance. 
17. My vehicle failed a test and was due a retest on a day after the suspension of the CVR testing system, but 21 days have now passed since my first test. Will the vehicle be subject to a retest or a full test? 
The vehicle will need to be subject to a full test on the basis that the condition of the vehicle may have changed following the original test. 
18. My CRW is currently on hold as I did not have ID with me on the day of the test. As the test centre is closed, I am unable to present my ID. How do I get the CRW released? 
The RSA recommends that a copy of a valid ID should be supplied to the RSA. The RSA will arrange, with the testing centre concerned, to issue the CRW for the vehicle. This information can be sent to
19. My vehicle was issued with a pass pending recheck before testing was suspended but has not been issued with a CRW. Can I arrange to have the recheck completed? 
You can arrange for the recheck to be completed once CVR testing resumes. The RSA is exploring how such checks might be done in the short-term having regard to HSE guidance. Please check website for any updates in this regard. 
20. When will CVR testing centres be re-opening for CVR testing? 
Re-opening of the CVR testing centres will be determined based on the prevailing Government guidance in relation to public health restrictions. As soon as we have a resumption date, we will update with the relevant date. Page 4 of 4 
21. Is there a possibility that there will be an opportunity for a CVR test operator to conduct an emergency test? 
This is an option being explored by the RSA for certain limited cases, having regard to current guidance from the HSE. The RSA will publish further guidance as soon as possible. 
22. I am in the motor trade and require a CRW for a vehicle which is being sold. What advice is available in relation to CRWs? 
CVR testing has been suspended since 28 March 2020 until further notice. The RSA is exploring possible options for emergency tests taking into account HSE guidance. 
23. My vehicle is an import from another Member State, registered in Ireland before 1 July 2019, does it qualify for the 3-month extension? 
Yes – provided that the vehicle has a valid CRW on 28 March 2020. 
24. I have imported a vehicle over 1 year old which has not yet been registered in Ireland and it requires a CVR test, what should I do? 
If the vehicle concerned is issued with a CRW by another Member State and this remains valid, you may be eligible to apply for a recognition cert as soon as the vehicle is registered in Ireland. If the vehicle concerned is registered in Ireland and requires a test, the RSA is exploring possible options in respect of emergency tests for such vehicles taking into account HSE advice. 
25. Will the deferral of the test due date have an adverse impact on my RSA Commercial Vehicle Operator Risk Indicator (CVORI)? 
In the case of vehicles that qualify for the extension, the deferral of the test due date will not affect their owners CVORI rating, but please understand that it will take some time to make the changes to all the eligible vehicles. However, those vehicle owners who failed to have their vehicle tests completed on time by 28 March 2020 may be impacted. 
26. Do my legal obligations change because of the extension to the test due date? 
No – your legal obligations relating to maintaining your vehicle in a roadworthy condition while in use do not change. 
27. I am purchasing a vehicle; will I be able to see the original CRW expiry date? 
When purchasing a vehicle, you are encouraged to request the seller to show you the original CRW. You can check the current CRW expiry date on the RSA CRW checker located at, but please understand that it will take some time to make the changes to all the eligible vehicles.