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Lens-Tech unveils Vantage Point

HGV blindspot mirror manufacturer, Lens-Tech has unveiled a new lens specifically for the LCV sector.
Busy van drivers will know just how hard it is to see what’s behind the van’s nearside panel. The mirrors do a good job, but the moment you have to lean as far forward as possible over your steering wheel, whilst trying to look through the passenger side window to see back and downwards, you know you’re in trouble.

To solve this problem, Lens-Tech has unveiled a new mirror, Vantage Point that is neatly fixed towards the rear of the passenger window.
The Vantage Point is simply attached to the nearside window and will mitigate the blind spot, which standard mirrors and window views from the driver’s position do not cover.

So, whether joining a motorway exit lane, manoeuvring into that tight loading bay or dodging a low hidden concrete bollard, the Vantage Point lens will provide that extra vision, taking the guess work out of those everyday exercises!