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Fuel tank fitting advice from DT Spare Parts

DT Spare Parts is offering technicians a few tips on the proper replacement of a fuel tank on modern trucks and buses.

Before replacing the fuel tank, you must make sure that all operating materials have been removed from the old fuel tank so that it can be properly disposed of and the operating materials prevented from getting into the environment.

The general safety regulations – such as fire hazard and personal protective equipment (safety glasses, gloves) – must be observed.

In addition, the surfaces on which the lines are placed must be cleaned before they are loosened to prevent any foreign bodies from entering the lines.

When installing the new tank, make sure that there are no foreign bodies in the fuel tank, that all locking screws are inserted and fitting firmly, that the transport protection has been removed and that the fuel tank is installed in the correct position and free from mechanical stress. The lines and screws should be tightened according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Once the installation has been completed, a leak test must be carried out.

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