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Keeping your car clean during Covid-19 outbreak

Despite government’s call for everyone to stay indoors if possible for the foreseeable future due to the global outbreak of Covid-19, we’re going to have to leave the house at some stage, which will more than likely involve using a car.

Keeping your vehicle clean during this pandemic will be vital for your safety, and those around you.

A car’s interior has many different kinds of surfaces, from leather and metal to rubber and plastic. The virus can spread while sharing airspace with an infected person, the surfaces the person touched, or even the airspace after an infected passenger has left.

For this reason all vehicle and workshops owners should consider the following points before getting in a vehicle.

  • Cleaning the touch points inside the vehicle with an antibacterial spray or wipes. This includes the steering wheel, gear stick, indicators, visors, door handles, seatbelts, window switches, audio and A/C controls.
  • Filling your tank up to the top will reduce the number of trips you take to the pumps.
  • Wear disposable gloves when driving or working on a vehicle, and change them frequently.
  • Change the A/C so that it is drawing fresh air from outside the car and run it for a few minutes. Do this before entering the vehicle.
  • Consider changing your cabin filter. A dirty filter gathers bacteria meaning occupants are not breathing clean air.