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Nero & Which Oil: The Forefront of Innovation for Finol Oils

Finol prides itself on providing both premium, high-performance products and an unrivalled service to the Irish lubricants market. To continue with this sentiment, 2019 saw Finol launch two new innovative applications to its suite of services; the Which Oil Lubricant Advisor and Nero Tank Management.

Launched in April 2019, Which Oil, which is available for use here brings with it many features and advancements.

Designed using in-depth customer feedback, research and studies, this development acts to provide users with an easy to use the system and accurate information that is instantly accessible.

Some key features are: registration lookup, easy to use interface, predictive text search, increased product variety, detailed technical information and dedicated web chat technical team

Nero, the latest in Finol’s suite of customer-focused services is a tailored tank management solution using the newest in IoT (Internet of things) technology.

Once an in-depth survey has been carried out on-site by a member of Finol’s technical team, an ultrasonic device is fitted to your storage container. This device will then send out an alert once the levels dip. Nero provides users with a completely personalised tank management system where they can find out the essential information that they need, any place, any time.

Nero receives the information immediately, and delivery from Finol is organised. This ensures your tank never runs out! Nero will also design a number of usage reports that can be accessed at any stage giving you a 360 ° view of your tank.

Key features of NERO include:

  • Liquid level
  • Sudden drop alerts
  • Projected run out date
  • In-depth Consumption data
  • Fill volume
  • Detailed usage reports
  • Low-level alerts

With over 40 years of industry experience, Finol’s scope of knowledge allows them to deliver a range of leading products and services that are unrivalled within the Irish market. This expertise ensures that they consistently provide both quality and reliability to all of their customers and clients, no matter their needs or area of operation.

For any further information or queries, contact Finol today at 01 455 54 84 or go to to learn more about its extensive range of innovative and market-leading lubricant solutions.