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Michelin grows tyre contract with Huntapac Produce

Michelin has renewed a five-year tyre contract with Preston-based Huntapac Produce – one of the largest vegetable and salad producers in the UK – following a competitive tender which pitched the manufacturer against rival brands.

The Effitires agreement will see Michelin continue to specify X Multi regional tyres across the firm’s fleet of more than 190 commercial vehicle assets, which includes 64 trucks, 62 refrigerated trailers, 55 bulk tipping trailers, three curtainsiders and two low loaders.

Huntapac Produce is also benefiting from the roll-out of Michelin’s Effitrailer telematics system on all trailers within its fleet, as part of increased efforts to maximise vehicle uptime. Effitrailer includes a sophisticated tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) which alerts the transport office if the pressure in any trailer tyre drops below a pre-defined threshold, meaning the customer can take action before it results in downtime.

Colin Postlethwaite, cost saving manager at Huntapac Produce, said: “Our fleet makes timed deliveries to major retailers across the UK on a daily basis, and a puncture can have a massive impact on the business.

“Ensuring our tyres are maintained at the optimum pressure is critical; we know that under-inflation has a negative impact on fuel efficiency and can make a tyre more susceptible to damage or sudden failure. We want to avoid downtime at all costs, and Effitrailer offers us an additional level of protection.”

The nature of Michelin’s Effitires contract means Huntapac Produce benefits from a predictable tyre budget linked to fleet activity, all of which work together to ensure its fleet stays on the road and hits targets for safety, reliability, tyre longevity and regulatory compliance.

Huntapac Produce has also committed to specifying Michelin X Multi tyres as original equipment on all new assets joining its fleet.

All tyre husbandry will be undertaken by mobile technicians from Tructyre ATS in Bamber Bridge, who work to extract the maximum performance from each casing. This includes fitting replacements, regrooving, turning tyres on the rim and twinning, as well as sending worn casings back to the Michelin Remix factory in Stoke-on-Trent for retreading.

Postlethwaite added: “Partnerships in business are very important to us and we went with performance over price. We are confident that Michelin will continue to deliver the best overall value and total cost of ownership when you take into account fleet uptime and fuel efficiency.”