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Effective cooling optimises emissions control

Although the current Euro VI engine emissions regulations are primarily achieved through the use of exhaust treatment systems, the control of the engine’s temperature remains an incredibly important factor to provide the stability that is required to ensure the process is carried out effectively and the designed emissions reductions are actually delivered in practice.

The auxiliary drive system and the water pump it powers are therefore vital elements within the engine, which must operate correctly to allow the entire unit to work in the optimum temperature window to ensure the inlet and exhaust gases are not un-necessarily influenced by avoidable temperature fluctuations. Only when the overall thermal system is managed effectively will the engine run at its greatest efficiency and its emissions potential be realised.

Dayco is a major player in the heavy duty (HD) sector, where it supplies important original equipment components, such as tensioners, idlers, dampers and naturally belts, to HD vehicle manufacturers across Europe and around the world.

The company’s engineering pedigree equips Dayco with the expertise required to design and manufacture the components within the drive system that best suit the needs of the application and work in unison with the engine’s other crucial elements, including the water pump, to guarantee its thermal management is well-controlled.

To ensure the aftermarket has access to the high quality replacement products it needs to enable it to provide a first-class and reliable repair solution, Dayco has introduced six water pumps – produced and supplied to Dayco by the OE pump manufacturer – for the 10.8 and 12.9-litre, MX11and MX13 engines used in a number of popular DAF applications.

These OE water pumps, which Dayco identifies with the part number prefix DP, cater for two MX11 (DP1979 and DP1980) and four MX13 (DP1975/6/7/8) applications and are supplied with or without speed sensor, in line with the original specification stipulated by DAF.

“By providing the OE water pump for these popular vehicles,” explains Dayco’s national sales manager, Steve Carolan, “we can supplement our existing, premium quality range, and give commercial vehicle workshops and fleet managers the tools they need to compete with the VM’s dealer networks.

“In the same way that Euro 6 has for the passenger car/light commercial sector, Euro VI engine legislation has been an important landmark in the battle to reduce emissions from HD vehicles. However, the only way to ensure that the gains made by these original design solutions are maintained over the life of the vehicle, is to install OE and OE quality replacement parts when they are serviced in accordance with the VM’s schedule.

“These OE water pumps and the existing poly-v belts, tensioners and idlers in the Dayco aftermarket range, allow technicians in the independent sector to maintain this standard and ensure these vehicles not only remain reliable for their owners and their customers, but also operating within their intended design criteria, which correspondingly benefits the nation’s overall health.”