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Continental van tyres to feature ContiSeal tech in future

In the future, ContiSeal sealing technology will also feature in Continental van tyres. ContiSeal reliably seals smaller holes in the tyre tread – with a diameter of up to five millimetres – with no loss of tyre pressure.

This eliminates the most common types of puncture, making an important contribution to the safe and economical operation of van tyres.

“Punctures caused by nails or screws generally mean added costs for transport companies,” as Jan-Ole van Lengen, product manager for van and LCV tyres EMEA at Continental knows from experience. “Even smaller punctures lead to vehicle downtimes or the costly and complicated business of transferring the load to another vehicle. ContiSeal technology can reliably seal around 90 percent of all potential cases of punctures to the tread.”

Continental said it is also looking into using ContiSeal technology in its winter and all-season tyres for vans.

The first tyre to feature this technology is the VanContact 100 in the popular size 215/65 R 16 C 106 / 104 T. Production will start this spring. This is a robust tyre, designed for transporting heavy loads and coping with uneven road surfaces.

With its strong scuff protection strip on the sidewall it shrugs off contact with kerbs, while stone ejectors at the base of the tread and a particularly robust tread pattern enable it to master even difficult surfaces.

The tyre’s reinforced carcass means it can handle continuous operation under heavy loads and at the same time ensures the vehicle’s driving stability. With its silica-enhanced compound and flat contour, this tyre delivers high mileage even under tough operating conditions.