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BPW launches its lightest trailer running gear yet

BPW has launched its lightest trailer running gear to date, suitable for operators with weight-sensitive loads.

The new trailer running gear weighs less than 370 kilos, and according to BPW, the trailing arm alone reduces weight by 42kg in the three-axle suspension, with the aluminium hub reducing weight by a further 54kg.

BPW said it has combined its proven nine-tonne Airlight II trailer running gear with an aluminium hub and the Eco Disc TS2 trailer disc brake, and a new ultra-light trailing arm made of high-strength spring steel.

For example, the company said, if the unit is in a vehicle transporting heating oil, an additional 96kg – 112 litres of heating oil – can be carried. If that is in a 10-vehicle fleet covering an average of 120,000km over four years, this will equate to a saving of more than €38k. In addition, BPW added, it will cut CO2 emissions across the fleet by 8,000 kilos.

Andreas Poll, BPW’s head of product management for trailer solutions and mobility services commented: “Thanks to the new trailing arm, we’ve made efficiency gains that would be hard to equal – which is why there is already strong demand for our lightweight construction kit on the market. We’re happy to be able to start delivering straight away.”