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£500 trade-in for Red Forge customers who switch to Axtec OnBoard

On December 11 last, UK-based on-board weighing systems company Red Forge ceased trading. Information on the company’s website advised visitors that it was working hard to find an alternative company to take on the aftercare work of their business, but as of today none had yet been appointed.

Axtec’s new OnBoard Axle Load Indicator – including larger, clearer display and enhanced functionality.

Now, following the closure of the Red Forge business, axle weighing specialist, Axtec, has stepped forward to offer a rescue package to existing Red Forge customers in the UK and Ireland.

The incentive comprises a £500 (or euro equivalent) trade-in for any Red Forge system upgraded to an Axtec OnBoard Load Indicator. Moreover, it says that the new Axtec OnBoard Axle Load Indicator for 2020 offers enhanced reliability and accuracy than before, though retaining its existing price point.

“With Red Forge having ceased trading late in 2019, we have been approached by Red Forge customers who have existing equipment with no service support,” says Axtec’s Keith Gresham, “and who have ordered equipment which will not be delivered. Whilst we are not able to provide a calibration or maintenance service for the Red Forge equipment, we are delighted to be able to offer a very attractive solution in the shape of our Axtec OnBoard system – the most advanced, most accurate and most reliable load indicator on the market.

“The £500 trade-in offer applies to anyone with a Red Forge system,” adds Gresham, “and we see this is as a great opportunity for operators to upgrade at a discounted price. The trade-in offer also means that some customers may even find themselves financially better off.”

Axtec’s market-leading ‘OnBoard Load Indicator’ features a simple colour numeric and graphic interface, plus the new cost-saving customer reset facility to help keep service costs down. Weight data can be saved automatically and downloaded via USB for analysis.

“Unlike other systems,” continues Gresham, “Axtec OnBoard rarely, if ever, needs a full calibration. Customers can perform a very simple system reset themselves, which goes a long way to keeping service costs to an absolute minimum.”

All management functions are password-protected, while no manual controls are accessible by the driver or crew, preventing tampering. Importantly, Axtec OnBoard requires no additional driver training.

Axtec OnBoard displays axle weights in an intuitive traffic light configuration; green for legal weights, amber as maximum limits are approached and flashing red to indicate an overload. Outputs to tracking devices are provided as standard, while enhanced functionality allows for more detailed information to be obtained via telematics rather than simply overload alert.

Overloading can invalidate your insurance cover, increase maintenance costs and the operator can incur heavy fines. It can also cause issues for drivers of commercial vehicles as well as posing a threat to the safety of other road users. Those are some very good reasons to consider an Axtec sysytem – check them out at:

Axtec tells us that their systems combat overloading of all vehicles, from light vans to 200-tonne plus abnormal loads. And they make industry-leading axle weighbridges, OnBoard axle load indicators and portable weighpads.