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Used DAF trucks offer 15 per cent fuel savings

Buying a DAF Used Truck can deliver a 15 per cent saving on fuel – and possibly even more, according to the company.

The first ultra-efficient used trucks from the latest generation of DAF vehicles now available at DAF dealers and the four DAF Used Truck centres.

Used vehicle deals come complete with factory warranty, the latest on-board innovations and a maximum of 400,000 kilometres on the clock. Leasing packages on nearly new DAF vehicles are also available at a very favourable rate.

“Experience has shown that many nearly-new truck buyers from the 2017 range previously drove a Euro 5 truck,” said Marty van den Dungen, sales director, used trucks at DAF. “They are able to achieve savings on fuel of up to 15 per cent quite easily. Not to mention the Maut benefits attached to driving a Euro 6 truck and the special area exemptions for certain cities, industrial areas and ports.”

Every used truck from the newest Euro 6 generation is given the label of ‘DAF First Choice Truck’ at the DAF dealer.

‘DAF First Choice Trucks’ are subjected to a 200-point check and are in tip-top technical condition, which guarantees maximum reliability and optimal uptime.

DAF First Choice Trucks up to four-years-old come with a 12-month full factory warranty that also covers all factory options.

“Not forgetting service intervals of 200,000 kilometres, up to 250 kilograms extra payload and the amazing comfort of the newest generation of trucks,” says Van den Dungen. “They are quieter than ever before, change gears almost imperceptibly and are fitted as standard with a fantastic new air-conditioning system. And the ease of use of the cruise control and EcoRoll is out of this world!”

“Investing in a fleet of used DAF Euro 6 vehicles is worth every eurocent,” according to Carlos Liste, owner of Maquisaba Logistics in Santa Comba, Spain. “They are incredibly reliable and we are achieving savings in our daily operations of up to 15 per cent on fuel costs compared with the Euro 5 trucks. Thanks in part to the higher payload and the longer service intervals, the newest generation of Euro 6 trucks has raised the efficiency of my fleet to a much higher level. And that’s not all: my drivers are very impressed by the excellent comfort and driving characteristics. They really love their new trucks.”