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Pedestrian safety under the spotlight with new FORS eLearning module

FORS is launching new, free online training to help commercial vehicle drivers do their best to keep pedestrians safe.

FORS Pedestrian Safe highlights the specific dangers and breadth of risks pedestrians face, with participants learning techniques which can be adopted to mitigate such risks.

Checking driving conditions, avoiding incorrect assumptions, and how to keep focused when driving are some of the topics covered in the 20-minute module for drivers of all types.  Managers and other office-based staff are also encouraged to take the course, which was developed in collaboration with the Transport for London (TfL) Vision Zero team and FORS Gold member Cemex.

In order to make this vital training as convenient and versatile as possible for drivers who may not have direct access to a PC, the module is designed to be completed on hand-held devices. It aims to help reduce incidents as part of FORS’s continued commitment to drive-up road safety standards across the transport industry.

The new Pedestrian Safe eLearning module adds to the current suite of FORS Professional safety eLearning modules, designed to support FORS accreditation and embedded best practice. Drivers are required to complete one safety eLearning module within 12 months in order to meet Bronze requirement ‘D4 Professional development’ of the FORS Standard.

Whilst still available to undertake on tablets or PCs, FORS has intentionally designed the course to be completed on mobile phones making it as accessible as possible for all FORS members.

FORS manager, Sonia Hayward said, “Much work has been done to upskill commercial drivers of all types to improve safety on the roads, but this eLearning module is the first FORS Professional training that is dedicated to pedestrians. It is therefore a very welcome addition to our existing safety training suite and vital training for all drivers working in the industry.

The new training highlights to commercial vehicle drivers that all pedestrians are vulnerable, challenging any assumptions drivers may have about pedestrians and certain road situations. Most importantly, it also offers techniques which can be adopted to ensure pedestrians remain as safe as possible in both rural and urban environments.”