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‘Parts Specialists’ renew lighting system

Workshop professionals Lars and Kevin know exactly what needs to be done when the lighting system is defective. In their latest video they renew lights with parts of the brand DT Spare Parts and also show what to be aware of in order to prevent complications of this kind already in advance.

The vehicle which is in the Parts Specialists‘ workshop this time is a truck that has a rockfall on its headlamp and where humidity has collected. The cause for this damage is quickly found in the inaccurately installed gasket whereby water has penetrated and the contacts have corroded. Another defect is discovered at the second headlight: Here, the lamp was not correctly assembled which finally poses a risk for the general inspection. Also the tail lamps of the vehicle do not work properly. On one side, there is strong corrosion that in turn is reflected in contact problems. Furthermore, a broken contact leads to an increased clearance of the brake light whose bulb was also installed incorrectly which provokes an error in the error system.

The pair replace the defect headlamps as well as the tail lamp with new articles. Thereby, the experts benefit from the complete range of the brand DT Spare Parts that contains the suitable spare parts. These are not only tested by qualified personnel but also provide a 24-month guarantee. After the complete renewal of the lighting system a final check is made – which the now brightly lit vehicle withstands.

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