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New Chicago Pneumatic impact wrench prevents overtightening

Chicago Pneumatic has launched what it says is the most compact and powerful ½ inch torque limited impact wrench in its class. It prevents vehicle service specialists from overtightening nuts during wheel and tyre changing jobs.

The new CP7748TL builds on the success of the previous model and has been designed to offer operators supreme levels of comfort and power, enabling them to quickly apply the correct torque levels and therefore improve productivity while maintaining the safety of a vehicle and its passengers.

The new tool is 14.3 per cent shorter than its previous version, measuring just 175 mm in length, and weighing two kilos. Despite its small size, the new CP7748TL is torque limited to 90Nm in the forward direction and delivers a torque of 1,300 Nm in reverse. As a result, operators can save time changing wheels as bolts are tightened to the right torque faster than using non-torque limited alternatives.

The CP7748TL torque limited impact wrench is packed full of innovative design features that contribute to its exceptional ergonomics so operators can get their job done quickly. At the centre of the design is a novel one-hand forward/reverse ring system, which is easier to use than controls traditionally found on the back of the tool. The CP7748TL offers two different settings – torque limited in the forward direction, or full power setting in reverse – and users can change direction easily by simply turning the ring from anywhere around the tool.

The tool also has lower vibration in the forward direction compared to alternative ½ inch impact wrenches. This low vibration – of only 6.49 m/s² – adds to the ergonomic performance, while also enhancing safety for the operator. Since users are exposed to lower vibrations there is less risk to them of experiencing hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) and its associated health complications.

Additional features include a 360 degree swivel air inlet which provides high maneuverability. Moreover, the tool delivers excellent handling, as its curved rubber handle helps prevent the wrench from slipping through dirty and oily fingers. Chicago Pneumatic has also designed the new torque limited impact wrench with durability in mind. Featuring a hard chromium aluminum cylinder that surrounds the motor and twin hammer mechanism, the CP7748TL delivers optimum performance in the toughest operating environment.

The CP7748TL is ideal for changing wheels and tyres on light vehicles such as cars, vans and pick-up trucks.