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Road safety innovation can lead to business growth  

Ahead of its Logistics & Innovation Forum, the International Road Transport Union (IRU) has conducted new research, which reveals that 86 per cent of European transport and mobility operators see investment in road safety innovation as a clear opportunity for business growth.
IRU’s study further reveals that over 90 per cent of operators across Europe recognise that investing in driver training positively impacts business, while 97 per cent of operators in the CIS region believe that technology and innovation have the potential to greatly improve road safety.

“We know that human behaviour is the single biggest cause of road deaths and incidents, and it’s therefore imperative that both operators and regulators direct investment accordingly,” said Umberto de Pretto, secretary general of IRU. “Reassuringly, our research shows that transport and mobility operators recognise the benefits of investing in the human elements of road safety and intend to direct further investment there in the future.”

IRU’s research also highlights the opportunity offered by innovation to reduce the driver shortage, with increased staff motivation and productivity listed amongst the top reasons for operators to invest in road safety technology. 
“Improving road safety is critical to both enhancing the image of the road transport industry and its future prosperity – as well as that of wider societies and economies. It is clear that while transport and mobility operators understand the business benefits offered by improved road safety measures, they often lack the financial means to invest in innovative solutions. At IRU, we are calling on regulators to dedicate more funds for road transport operators to support stronger investment in innovation.” added Matthias Maedge, head of advocacy, IRU, who will moderate the Logistics & Innovation Forum.
IRU’s Logistics and Innovation Forum will take place at Sofitel, London Heathrow on February 21, 2020. The event will bring together operators from across Europe with best-in-class technology suppliers, to share knowledge and insights on the latest developments in road safety and the associated business benefits. Further results from IRU’s global survey of nearly 1,000 transport operators will also be revealed.