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FORS issues safer driving information for winter months

FORS is reminding drivers of the need for extra planning ahead of journeys in the seasonal wet and cold weather.

The ‘FORS Winter Driving Guide’ and ‘FORS Tyre Management Guide’ are available for members to download from the FORS website and serve as useful reminders of the extra care that commercial vehicle drivers should take when driving in colder temperatures.

The guides highlight key safety checks which should be completed, including how to perform tyre checks and how to effectively manage fuel use, as well as offering tips on how to safely drive in snow, rain, ice and in poor visibility.

Sonia Hayward, FORS Manager, said, “Winter weather poses additional challenges for commercial vehicle drivers. It is important that they adapt to the change in season and prepare themselves and their vehicles for the different road conditions they face – many of which will be highly changeable even in one journey.”

Along with performing vehicle safety and tyre checks, all FORS members – both drivers and fleet managers – are prompted to plan routes in full and check the weather forecast in advance of each journey, along with completing thorough vehicle and tyre checks.

The ‘FORS Winter Driving Guide’ contains detailed information for commercial vehicle drivers and can be printed directly from the FORS website and kept in the vehicle for easy reference tips to help drivers mitigate against potential bad weather. Guidance on best practice during the winter months can also be found in the ‘FORS Tyre Management Guide’.

Hayward added, “The two documents provide a handy reminder of the safety precautions drivers of all types of commercial vehicle should complete before taking to the road in inclement weather, drawing attention to the additional challenges winter driving brings.”

FORS Winter Driving Guide

  • Advice and tips to help drivers mitigate against adverse and changeable weather
  • Tips on how to drive safely in snow, ice, heavy rain, strong winds and fog
  • Advice on forward planning
  • Suggestions on equipment and clothing to carry in case of emergency
  • FORS Tyre Management Guide

Tips on writing a tyre management policy

  • Practical advice on tyre monitoring and maintenance
  • Tips on how well-maintained tyres can help save fuel
  • Tips on how well-maintained tyres can help reduce emissions
  • Advice on tyre checks for all weathers
  • Advice on improving tyre wear
  • Tyre selection and tread depths