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febi urea filters play vital role

With an increasing pressure for engine manufacturers to meet stringent emissions regulations, several strategies have been implemented and evolved using a combination of technologies.

Vehicle and engine manufacturers have developed more efficient vehicles by developing and improving the fuelling and air intake systems fitted to engines.

This is to create a more optimised combustion in the engine, as well as exhaust after treatment with exhaust gas recirculation, diesel particulate filters and selective catalyst reduction to achieve emission targets.

The selective catalyst reduction system (SCR) comprises of a fluid tank for the aqueous urea solution (commonly recognised as AdBlue®) a fluid pump, heating elements and sensors for temperature and fluid level, plus a supply module and dosing injector installed just before the selective catalyst, all controlled by an electronic control module.

This system is being used in trucks, buses, car and light commercial vehicles. The function of the SCR system is to convert harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) in diesel exhaust gases into less harmful nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O).

As SCR systems have become a standard feature on commercial vehicles and have become more widespread, the storage and transport structures of AdBlue® are becoming more varied, e.g. plastic barrels and bulk storage which could increase the risk of contamination.

With this in mind, and integral and important part of this system is the urea filter, which is part of the supply module and also a service item.

The filter is critical to ensuring a high-quality supply of the aqueous urea solution.

febi’s urea filters remove potential contaminants and protect the sensitive injection nozzles and other parts of the system against wear and extend the service life of the entire unit.

Characterised by high- filtration-efficiency, tried-and-tested suitability for everyday use and long service life, they help to ensure commercial vehicles are meeting the strict emission standards.

AdBlue® is a mixture of 32.5 per cent urea and 67.5 per cent demineralised water, and with this high percentage of water content, the aqueous urea solution starts to freeze at -11.5 °C.

febi urea filters are designed with a compensation element, that reduces the free volume in the housing and absorbs compressive forces when the urea-water solution expands due to freezing temperatures.

This way, the flexible compensating element prevents damage to the system and to the filter.

Each part supplied by febi is manufactured in high-quality to meet or exceed OE specifications, offering maximum safety, optimum performance and longevity.

With over 15,000 applications, febi’s Truck Division offers a wide range for the European commercial vehicle manufacturers. From steering, engine, braking, chassis and wheel mounting technology to vehicle electrics and pneumatics, febi covers all areas of vehicle component replacement.