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Dayco offers auxiliary solutions for Mercedes-Benz applications

Dayco, a leading engine products and drive systems supplier for the automotive, industrial and aftermarket industries, is also a major player in the heavy duty (HD) sector, where it supplies important original equipment (OE) components, such as tensioners, idlers and auxiliary belts, to HD vehicle manufacturers (VM) across Europe and around the world.

The company’s engineering specialism provides Dayco with the expertise required to design and manufacture drive system related components, whether for OE or aftermarket, that best suit the needs of the application.

The mainstream Mercedes Benz truck range consists of the Econic, Atego, Axor/Antos and Actros. Introduced in 1998, the Econic low-entry fixed chassis is available in 18 and 26 tonnes and is most often used in municipal applications. The Atego however, is a general purpose rigid truck, which also entered service in 1998, with weights from 6.5 to 16 tonnes. Moving up the range, the 2002 Axor was in 2012 superseded by the Antos, both available in 18 tonne plus variants in truck and tractor specifications. The long distance, heavy haulage Actros, originally launched in 1995, heads the line-up and is a common sight across the UK and European road network.

Naturally, Dayco provides the FEAD (front engine auxiliary drive) replacement solution for all these vehicles, but in terms of maximising coverage from the minimum references, the vast majority of these applications are covered by three tensioners and six belts, which makes catering for these popular workhorses, a relatively easy prospect.

All Actros applications share just two tensioner and belt references in three combinations for their alternator drive systems: tensioner APV1098 with either belt 9PK1890HD or 9PK2835HD or tensioner APV2458 with belt 9PK2835HD.

When it comes to the water pump system for the 4.25 and 6.2-litre Atego, as well as the 6.2-litre Axor and Econic, tensioner APV1055 is common to an overwhelming proportion of these applications in conjunction with four belt options, 8PK1420HD, 8PK1480HD, 8PK2043HD or 8PK2085HD.

The three tensioners are of varying designs, with APV1055 (high offset) and APV1098 (H type) incorporating a spiral spring held within a case, in contrast to the external coil spring lever arm damper mechanism adopted by APV2458. In addition, both APV1055 and APV2458 feature extra steel shielding on the roller, to provide greater protection. However, all three tensioners utilise double-row ball bearings, for high load capacity, with heavy-duty grease to ensure optimum durability and maximise their service life.

Although these tensioners, as well as the three further references that provide coverage for the remaining Mercedes applications, are available individually, along with the belts, they can also be ordered together, as a kit with the prefix KPV.

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