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Camera Telematics enhances Street Angel

Camera Telematics, a leader in-vehicle camera technology enabling fleet operators to achieve the highest standards of risk management strategies, has announced that Driver ID functionality has been added to Street Angel, the most advanced on-board video evidence data recorder available.

Mark Stamper

With the addition of Driver ID, it is now possible to separate driver and vehicle data to better understand the movements and actions of individual drivers, whatever vehicle they are operating. The solution allows companies to identify which driver is operating a vehicle at all times and report on all of the vehicles which have been operated by a particular driver. The solution is particularly suited to businesses that operate a pool of fleet vehicles across multiple employees.

Street Angel’s Driver ID works via a unique key fob that is given to nominated drivers who upon starting the engine of a vehicle need to tap their key fob on the card reader which is installed on the dashboard and which connects to Street Angel via Bluetooth. If the driver does not tap the key fob on the card reader, then a warning notification will sound. If the vehicle commences a journey without the appropriate activation, the Fleet Manager will receive an email warning that the vehicle is in transit.

Street Angel delivers fleet operators unrivalled first notification of loss (FNOL) data in the event of an accident or incident on the road, thereby reducing the cost of claims and protecting the business and drivers against incidents of insurance fraud.

Street Angel is unlike any other on-board vehicle cameras; In addition to Driver ID, Street Angel is the only solution on the market that includes over twenty essential features all on one device, including:

• An SD-card free device with 128GB of internal memory – SD Card Free – Removing the possibility of SD card failure, or the card going “missing” which will prevent the camera from working when needed most.

• The increased memory size (most cameras are the 32GB) also means more footage can be retained for longer, increasing the chances of retrieval, using the video on demand.

• 24/7 Event monitoring as standard – All serious events are reviewed by our team of support staff ensuring that nothing is missed in the event of an incident, this also helps keep the camera/cameras maintained as they will highlight issues such as cameras being covered/obstructed and maintenance issues.

• Scalable up to 3 Cameras – Using the unique external hub our solution is scalable and upgradable to a three-camera system, with flexible options for additional cameras

Using superfast 4G connectivity the Street Angel continually transmits data associated with vehicle speed, GPS position and shock axis sensor to a designated SSL encrypted server ensuring data is safe and secure, and in the event of a collision, the unit automatically transmits all its data for that event. This data is accurate and admissible evidence, should it be required to defend or mitigate an insurance claim.

Mark Stamper, Group Managing Director at Camera Telematics, commented: “The addition of Driver ID functionality for Street Angel provides fleet operators with added security when it comes to protecting drivers as well as safeguarding the image and the reputation of the business whilst the vehicles are on the road. Street Angel not only delivers fleet operators peace-of-mind in ensuring safer driving and complete protection against fraudulent insurance claims, but also the reassurance of having the most advanced on-board vehicle camera available, which unlike other cameras, uniquely delivers all the features required on one device.”