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VW Crafter crane conversion can lift nearly a tonne

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ integrated partner Penny Hydraulics has released its latest range of crane conversions which is available on the Volkswagen Crafter Dropside. The innovative system can lift up to 990kg making it ideal for a range of jobs.

The fully-integrated compact conversion has the 105kg crane fitted directly onto the Crafter Dropside sub-frame, allowing the vehicle to still offer a payload of over 1,100kg to tackle a range of applications required by utility companies, road and rail management firms and logging operators for example.

The crane boom is extendable to 4.5-metres with a maximum safe lifting capacity of 990kg, plus a rotational angle of up to 330-degrees giving customers the flexibility to move heavy and bulky items with ease.

The Penny Hydraulics PH110 Lifting Solution also features crane controls integrated directly into the Volkswagen Crafter base vehicle. While offering convenience for the user it also adds extra safety benefits for operators. Dashboard safety warnings and audible alerts are all activated through the standard Volkswagen Crafter electrical system without the need for additional lights or buzzers.

A range of lifting solutions are also available including hydraulic cranes from 500 to 3,000kg, ultra-lightweight electric ‘SwingLift’ cranes, and hydraulic loading platforms.

Penny Hydraulics is based in Derbyshire and operates within 22 countries, including the Republic of Ireland, on a regular basis and all of its equipment is suitable for transporting overseas.