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ProVision is now CameraMatics

Leading Irish-based vehicle and fleet safety solutions provider ProVision has rebranded as CameraMatics, adopting the name of their flagship software solution.

Mervyn O’Callaghan and Simon Murray

CameraMatics founder and director Simon Murray said: ‘We’re delighted to announce that ProVision is now called CameraMatics. As global leaders in vehicle safety solutions, CameraMatics is what we do – it’s who we are. The landmark launch of our new US business is the perfect opportunity to align all our streams under one name and one fresh new website –

“We invented CameraMatics – we are CameraMatics. That’s why ProVision is now known simply as CameraMatics.

“We’re the same business – the same team, the same award-winning solutions, the same great customer service that the industry expects from us.”

ProVision Vehicle Cameras was set up in 2016 because fleet experts Mervyn O’Callaghan and Simon Murray saw a gap in the data and solutions that Fleet Managers, manufacturers and insurance companies needed in order to run a fleet of any size safely, optimally and efficiently.

Their solution, based upon over 20 years of detailed knowledge and experience of fleets and fleet operations, was CameraMatics, invented to meet every need that fleet managers faced and allowed them to tackle the challenges of insurance risk-management head on. It has been compared to the equivalent of an aeroplane’s black box – but in real time.

Within a year of the company’s launch in Ireland they were recognised as the leading provider of CameraMatics and vehicle safety solutions and launched in the UK market, winning numerous awards, securing substantial investment and becoming a FORS Associate.

This is certainly a company who are going places – founders Simon and Mervyn are named among the EY Ireland Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 Awards Finalists and earlier this month CameraMatics scooped the Innovation Award 2020 at the Fleet Transport Awards in Dublin.

The recent opening of the first office of the company’s United States operation in Richmond, Virginia, where they plan to grow to around 100 employees, marks an important milestone and provides the perfect opportunity to rebrand.

CEO and founder Mervyn O’Callaghan said: “As well as CameraMatics being our product, it’s now our name worldwide and our new website unites our global operations. There you can discover more about our customer-driven solutions for every type of vehicle and every size of fleet. To coincide with the rebrand we’ve launched a number of new features – do contact us to find out more about them.”

To find out more about CameraMatics or to book a webinar demo, visit or call the Dublin Head office on +353 (0)1 963 1380