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New immobilisation tool to up vehicle security

Verizon Connect has introduced ‘Immobilisation’, a powerful tool developed specifically for customers who want to help prevent unauthorised use of vehicles and aid in the recovery of stolen vehicles.

Available through the Verizon Connect Reveal platform, Immobilisation enables fleet managers to remotely disable a vehicle’s ignition once the vehicle’s engine has been shut off, effectively stopping vehicle misuse in near real time.

Derek Bryan, EMEA vice president, at Verizon Connect said: “With Immobilisation for Verizon Connect Reveal we are helping give customers a level of safety and security they’ve never had before.

“They have peace of mind knowing they have the power to take action quickly and safely, with the push of a button.”

Immobilisation for Verizon Connect Reveal can be viewed from the Reveal Vehicle page where users can locate and choose which vehicles to immobilise and is compatible with most CalAmp hardware.

Features include the ability to remotely disable a vehicle’s ignition directly from the Reveal web portal or mobile app; check when the request to immobilise a vehicle has been sent, if it’s pending and when it’s complete; and view history of when and where a vehicle was immobilised or mobilised.