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Uniroyal – complete truck tyre range from Rathcormac Tyres

Uniroyal truck tyres have been available across the Republic of Ireland via exclusive distributor Rathcormac Tyres since 2017.

Rathcormac Tyres, a long-established distribution company, is responsible for wholesale distribution of all Uniroyal commercial vehicle tyre products across the Republic of Ireland via its distribution centre just outside Cork. The company, which also distributes Continental-branded tyres, has extensive coverage across the country, backed up by an effective and reliable delivery service.

As a subsidiary of Continental, Uniroyal benefits from premium truck tyre technology, developing a reputation for performance and safety whatever the weather. In 2016, the brand introduced a new generation of tyres, all of which meet the changing needs of transport companies, while providing consistent performance and safety for regional applications and long-distance routes.

Combining high mileage performance, excellent regroovability and retreadability, Uniroyal commercial vehicle tyres are a convincing proposition on any axle – technically as well as economically.

The Uniroyal 40 series embodies the new generation of Uniroyal tyres and represents the latest developments designed especially for regional applications and long-distance routes. The tyres have been specifically tailored to meet the needs of today’s road transport businesses, for consistent mileage performance as well as safety.

The 40 series comprises the FH 40, DH 40 and TH 40, covering every axle of the vehicle. Whether a coach or truck operator, the tyres present an attractive, economical and viable solution.

The FH 40 front-axle tyre features an enhanced tread compound, resulting in a significant increase in mileage performance. The new tread pattern has also been designed for even wear, allowing operators to benefit from as much rubber as possible before needing to replace or retread the tyre. In addition, intelligent sipe technology offers vast improvements in wet conditions, enhancing grip and shortening braking distances, and therefore also safety. These sipes disappear only when 25 per cent of the tread depth remains, maximising the time that a fleet operator can operate in such wet conditions.

The FH 40 is available in the following sizes: 245/70 R 17.5, 215/75 R 17.5, 315/70 R 22.5, 315/80 R 22.5, 295/80 R 22.5, 385/55 R 22.5 and 385/65 R 22.5.

Similarly, the DH 40 drive-axle tyre features even wear characteristics for greater mileage performance. An optimised belt cord also offers improved endurance – a welcome benefit to operators driving in across regions and long-distance routes. The tyre’s optimised tread design not only enhances traction on wet roads, but also in snowy conditions. As with the FH 40, the sipes disappear only once 25 per cent of the tread depth remains.

The DH 40 is available in the following sizes: 245/70 R 17.5, 215/75 R 17.5, 315/70 R 22.5, 295/80 R 22.5 and 315/80 R 22.5.

Completing the new generation of Uniroyal tyres is the TH 40 trailer-axle tyre. In addition to a high wear volume to greatly increase mileage performance, advanced sipe technology also provides improved wet performance over the entire lifetime of the tyre. What is more, a new tread compound offers high cut resistance. This is an extremely useful benefit, not only to offer protection when the tyre inevitably scuffs a kerb, but also in wet conditions when rainwater lubricates broken glass on the road, allowing it to more easily slice and potentially puncture the tyre.

The TH 40 is available in the following sizes: 205/65 R 17.5, 245/70 R 17.5, 215/75 R 17.5, 235/75 R 17.5, 245/70 R 19.5, 285/70 R 19.5, 385/55 R 22.5 and 385/65 R 22.5.

All Uniroyal 40 series tyres are equipped with new inner liner technology, meaning better air tightness through the tyre. As the tyres deflate at a slower rate, they remain at the correct pressure for longer, ultimately extending the service life of the tyre. Reinforced bead construction, too, increases tyre life by offering longer durability in tough and challenging applications.

The FH 40, DH 40 and TH 40 are all suitable for regrooving, once again extending the life of the tyre and providing commercial fleet operators with a far more economic and environmentally friendly alternative to buying a brand-new tyre. Regrooving pays off twofold: firstly, because the tyre can simply be driven for longer and, secondly, because the lower profile thickness reduces rolling resistance. Reduced rolling resistance, in turn, lowers fuel consumption and therefore saves fleet operators a significant amount of expenditure.

Pat Whelan at Rathcormac Tyres said: “Securing Uniroyal’s backing for our wholesale business in 2017 was a key development in our business. To this day, the brand continues to represent an important part of our offering. Uniroyal is a great value range, with customer choosing the brand able to benefit from both our extensive expertise and Uniroyal’s wealth of technical support.”