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The ‘Parts Specialists’ demonstrate how to replace a starter

In their 10th ‘Parts Specialists’ video, Lars and Kevin look at a vehicle that won’t start due to problems with its starter system. With the usual care and skill, the two demonstrate how to locate faults and how to replace the starter with a DT Spare Parts brand product – for a safe ride at all times.

Once the Parts Specialists have tested the starter system’s battery and power supply and found them both working, it is clear that the fault must lie with the starter itself. They then proceed to remove the starter for a thorough check to find the exact cause of the problem. As they do so, the “Parts Specialists” tell us about the various fault patterns that occur most frequently in starters. These include loose contacts or damaged insulation, which can lead to short circuits and contact problems.

To get the vehicle rolling again, Lars and Kevin exchange the faulty starter for a new model of the DT Spare Parts brand, which is equipped with overload protection. To make sure that nothing goes wrong, the part naturally comes with fitting instructions for workshop professionals.

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