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Power steering pumps from febi

Due to the size and weight of heavy commercial vehicles, steering cannot be operated solely by muscular force. Often there are several steered axles. Steering support is imperative and is provided by the steering hydraulics. A hydraulic pump, also called a power steering pump, is driven by the engine. It supplies the hydraulic pressure with which the hydraulic cylinders are driven.

If the steering hydraulics fail, the vehicle usually cannot continue. Leaks are often the reason for failure. However, the power steering pump can wear out as well. In the case of mechanical damage, it must be replaced. The entire steering hydraulic system must be flushed to remove possible residues and chips. Failure to do so may result in damage to the new pump. Also, new hydraulic oil should be filled according to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer.

febi Truck offers a range of power steering pumps for a range of commercial vehicles. All products supplied by febi are manufactured to meet or exceed OE specifications in providing high-quality, maximum safety, performance and longevity.

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