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Mahle unveils its ADAS solution

Mahle Aftermarket UK has unveiled the TechPRO ADAS solution, which allows workshops to adjust and calibrate driver assistance systems quickly and easily – using just a digital calibration panel.

This saves technicians valuable time and money and the tool is continuously updated online and expanded to cover more vehicles. The professional adjustment of driver assistance system sensors and cameras also allows workshops, including tyre centres, to capture additional sales potential.

Driver assistance systems change the way workshops work. Whether they use radars, cameras, or ultrasonic sensors, more and more late-model cars have high-tech driver assistance systems, known as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

Mahle’s general aftermarket manager Olaf Henning expects the number of passenger cars and trucks equipped with ADAS to grow significantly, which will greatly change the way workshops work.

Digital calibration panel for fast, precise work
For service and repair work, workshops must re-adjust radar sensors and camera systems to ensure that assistance systems continue to function reliably. They need to be precisely calibrated to the geometric axis of the vehicle. Even minimal deviations can cause a failure of the assistance system.

“Unlike the tools already on the market, only one digital calibration panel is needed to precisely adjust the radar sensors and cameras. Updates are installed automatically to give workshops a solution that is optimally adapted to handle new developments in the field of driver assistance systems.”

TechPRO ADAS reduces investment and operating costs
Multi-brand workshops have always faced challenges with the calibration of different manufacturer’s systems because the sensors vary depending on the vehicle model. In the past, this led to high investment and operating costs, as it required a number of different calibration panels, suitable working areas, and long calibration times.

This is where TechPRO ADAS from Mahle comes in. It supports workshop professionals with a system that uses just one digital calibration panel, thereby reducing calibration time and keeping space requirements to a minimum. This in turn lowers the cost of acquisition and ongoing operations.

Calibration panel adapts automatically
Developers at Mahle Aftermarket have redefined the entire process, identifying innovative technical and process-related solutions. TechPRO ADAS interacts with the digital calibration panel to produce precise results quickly.

To recalibrate an assistance system, the workshop technician just connects the TechPRO diagnostic tool to the appropriate control units using the onboard diagnostics. The calibration panel is set up according to the manufacturer’s directions and adjusted automatically. Next, the TechPRO diagnostic tool shows what exactly needs to be done and guides the workshop technician through each of the steps.

Solution for future models and systems
The system is continuously updated and can be used for vehicles that have one or more driver assistance systems retrofitted over time. Workshops can also use TechPRO ADAS for new assistance systems, without needing to buy additional, vehicle-specific calibration panels. The ADAS tool is a supplemental solution for the TechPRO vehicle diagnostics system or Connex BT from Mahle Aftermarket.

The calibration system covers many European makes that are equipped with driver assistance systems, and market coverage is being continuously expanded. Workshops can rely on TechPRO ADAS to keep up with new vehicle models and all the technical developments in the field of assistance systems.​