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Latest LCV tyres from Kumho

Korean tyre maker Kumho has launched two new tyres for the light commercial vehicle segment.

PorTran KC53

Kumho’s KC53 is primarily designed for the latest generation of commercial vans and has been optimised to deliver exceptional highway performance.

The heavy-duty KC53 boasts a wide tread and stable block pattern ensuring outstanding dry handling, even in maximum load conditions. Broad cross-grooves provide precise steering in both dry and wet conditions, while wide straight circumferential grooves minimise the risk of aquaplaning. A robust carcass results in improved traction and higher mileage, while low rolling resistance ensures optimum fuel efficiency.

KC53 is currently available in some 38 H, T, R and Q rated sizes ranging from 145R13 to 215/60R17, the latest addition to the line-up.

PorTran CW51

A relatively new pattern, CW51 is aimed at providing light commercial vehicles with the best in traction and handling in snowy and/or icy conditions. It features 3D sipes in the shoulder area for superior handling and reinforced tread blocks for improved stability, and is available in no less than 18 sizes.