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Euromotive Components supplies Legion Lightbars to Archway Products

Euromotive Components has supplied Archway Products with its Legion Lightbars, with LED driving lamps to retro-fit the fleet.

Archway Products are designers and manufacturers of specialised state of the art road repair machinery.

Euromotive Legion bars are one of, if not the best built Warning Lightbars on the market. A lightbar must withstand tough conditions sitting on the roof of a vehicle exposed to bad weather at speed, salt, sand and general traffic film.

The lightbar is designed to withstand all these conditions. Euromotive Legion Lightbars feature UV stabilised lenses to withstand cracking and discolouration from prolonged sun exposure, an extruded aluminium chassis making the bar sturdy and rigid. Breathable vents accompanied by drain holes allow removal of moisture.

They are fitted with precision engineered seals and fittings, circuit boards that are completely coated to prevent corrosion in coastal areas and an anti-whistle kit for high powered Emergency Vehicles.

Euromotive offers a standard configuration, which covers most bases on cost and high-quality warning capability. However, every customer is different and that is where Euromotive excels. The company has a can do attitude offering custom configurations dependant on customer’s wishes.

Production time is prompt and every bar is built with care and attention before being tested before it leaves the assembly area. This ensures customers receive a perfect bar every time.

Spare parts are available for immediate despatch should the bar encounter damage.

All this is backed up by a five-year warranty. After this period, Euromotive offers a refurbishment programme ensuring the bar can be reused and for fleet renewal.