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Dunlop to launch new truck tyre range

Dunlop has launched a new range of light tonnage steer and drive truck tyres in 17.5 and 19.5 inch rim diameters. The SP346 and SP446 lines have been specifically designed to offer high mileage, strong traction and durability in all applications.

The new range comprises 10 SP346 steer tyres and 10 SP446 drive tyres with suitability for developing drive modes such as on electric and hybrid vehicles.

Benjamin Willot, Director Marketing Commercial Tyres Europe said: “These tyres not only offer peace of mind for fleets but also predict future changes including stricter winter tyre regulations and the increasing use of hybrid and electric vehicles. The SP346 and SP446 are ready for whatever’s ahead.”
To highlight the improvements; comparing the 245/70R17.5 new generation to the products it replaces; tread robustness is significantly improved with SP346 while fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise level labels go down respectively from E to D, D to C and from two waves to one with the SP446.