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Braking with febi

Brake discs for trucks have to offer safety and reliability assurance as standard not only because of the size of the vehicle but because of the variety of heavy loads they carry. When it comes to brake discs, every inch counts. Brake discs undergo a huge amount of strain by working with other braking components to bring the vehicle to a stop. Braking disc replacement must be done so in pairs. This not only maximises safety but stays in line with commercial vehicle regulations.

febi brake discs are manufactured using high-quality materials to ensure optimum balance between performance, ride comfort, and a long life cycle for a variety of vehicle makes and models.

febi Truck provides standard braking parts such as brake discs and pads, and also other braking components such as S-cams, rollers and brake shoe skeletons. febi Truck’s brake shoe skeletons are available in high-quality materials to be fitted to the required friction material. Each roller manufactured by febi is case hardened to original equipment standards which ensure the longevity of the braking unit. S-cams transfer the slack adjuster movement to the brake shoe mechanism.

Popular parts in the range include:

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