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Off-road tyre guide from Modern Tyres

Irish tyre wholesaler, Modern Tyres has provided a guide for motorists who plan on going off-road, either for necessity or pleasure.

There isn’t one specific tyre for off-road only, this is why it’s important to get the correct tread, size and type before committing your vehicle to unknown terrain.

Without being over-specific, this article refers to off-road as any surface other than what is generally regarded as being a road fit for the majority of vehicles.

There are typically three different types of off-road tyres.

Cross-Terrain tyres:
Cross-Terrain tyres are generally regarded as the ‘All-Season’ off-road tyre for SUV’s and small 4×4 vehicles. This is a multi-purpose tyre with the traction of an off-road tyre and the comfort of an on-road tyre. Designed by Michelin, the Cross-Terrain tyre enjoys a great reputation for having unbeatable mileage.

All-Terrain tyres:
When venturing into All-Terrain tyres, larger 4×4 vehicles really benefit from the ability to confidently tackle most types of terrain. Ordinarily, a 4×4 can simply drive off a normal road and into a field, traversing the landscape without too much trouble. Terrain like light mud, grass, shallow riverbeds and average inclines can be tackled without too much difficulty. It is typical for All-Terrain tyres to see 20 per cent off-road and 80 per cent road.

Mud-Terrain tyres:
If your vehicle spends most of it’s time off-road then Mud-Terrain tyres should be your tyre of choice, seeing 80 per cent off-road and 20 per cent on-road. Mud-Terrain Tyres, visibly have a more aggressive looking pattern which in itself stirs confidence in the driver. Mud-Terrain Tyres have exceptional grip force when it comes to traversing uneven and rocky surfaces. From deep mud to waterlogged soil to sand and shale, steep off-road inclines, mountainous terrain, Mud-Terrain Tyres can handle, carefully, most types of terrain which makes these tyres perfect for land owners, farmers and farm workers.

Modern Tyres says its top selling All-Terrain tyres are Kumho, BF Goodrich, Continental and Bridgestone.

For more information on any of these tyre types, please contact your local Modern Tyres on 048 66 32 22 99.