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febi Truck offers ABS Sensors for European CV makers

ABS Sensors form part of an electronic braking system that is designed to measure wheel speed and direction of rotation, in both cars and trucks. These sensors receive signals from the corresponding ABS ring using magnetic pulses, to determine the wheel speed and rotation, and then send this information to the ECU (electronic control unit). The ECU receives and processes signals from the ABS sensors and adjusts the braking force applied to each wheel to maximise performance and vehicular safety.

When a fault occurs, the ABS sensor in the affected wheel(s) is disabled. An ABS indicator lamp warns drivers of a potential problem with the system.

It is important to change faulty ABS sensors as quickly as possible to ensure safe driving conditions, as a fault will lead to inaccurate wheel speed readings. The sensors are subjected to heat, dirt and moisture due to their close location to the wheel, which can increase the chances of wear or damage.

febi Truck’s ABS Sensor (Part 35299) for Volvo comes with the attachment material. This ensures a quick and easy repair for workshops.

febi Truck supplies over 30 different ABS sensors, with hundreds of applications, for a range of different makes including DAF, MAN and Scania.

Popular Part Number: 104571
OE Number: 81.27120.6169
To Fit: MAN TGA (1999<2014), TGX (2006<)

All febi parts are of OE matching quality and with over 15,000 applications, febi’s Truck Division offers an extensive range for European commercial vehicle manufacturers. From steering, engine, braking, chassis and wheel mounting technology to vehicle electrics and pneumatics, febi covers all areas of vehicle component replacement.