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Borg & Beck backs Cole Trucksport truck racing team

Borg & Beck offers the independent aftermarket a comprehensive range of CV components including a premium quality Braking programme consisting of Pads, Discs, Drums, and Wear Leads.

Safety and performance are at the pinnacle of Borg & Beck’s brand values, therefore the company works closely with its manufacturing partners to ensure that premium quality is achieved at all times and every product is manufactured to stringent specifications. Following this process, they are tested to guarantee these high standards are maintained in the most hostile environments.

It is due to this commitment that the Cole Trucksport truck racing team in the British Truck Racing Association (BTRA) Championship, has the confidence to fit the Borg & Beck standard HD compound pads and discs to their truck, ‘The Beast’, delivering not only enormous stopping power, but also remarkable durability, which has assisted them in their success.

Sam Morse, Media and Marketing Manager for Cole Trucksport said: “The truck had a full engine and gearbox upgrade over the winter, we are still developing the new technical aspects to the truck, so each race is a learning curve for us.

“Having brakes we can rely on is a huge bonus, as we know they are not just safe enough for one race, but have the durability for a whole weekend, providing us safety and top performance we can trust.”

Clearly the amount of stress the discs and pads are able to endure over a racing weekend is testament to the quality of the product and demonstrates that customers can have total faith in Borg & Beck braking components.

To celebrate its continued success with Cole Trucksport, Borg & Beck has produced a poster for factors and workshops commemorating the partnership. To claim the free poster, email

For more information about the premium quality CV products available from Borg & Beck, please call the sales team on: 01869 248484 or visit: