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Valeo launches new brake pad fault assessment guide

Repair and maintenance of heavy duty vehicles is getting more complex and time consuming. Workshops needs to be sharp and efficient to reduce vehicle downtime. This requires technicians to be highly skilled and always up to date. Valeo is tackling this issue with an additional tool to support daily servicing tasks.

Valeo has launched a New Brake Pad fault assessment for heavy duty brake pads, giving a quick access to diagnosis and user information.

This new guide highlights everything technicians need to know about 22 of the most common premature brake pad wear cases, their effects and all corrective actions or advice Valeo recommends such as checking at regular intervals that all brake disc components are functioning correctly and knowing that initial braking after any brake pad replacement can be of a lower performance than usual.

The Valeo brake pads troubleshooting guide enriches Valeo Tech @ssist (, the e-platform at the heart of the technical knowledge of Valeo.

This free web platform gives free access to a quick and intuitive part search engine, all technical information and on-demand training modules in a single place.

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