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Truck brake discs from febi

Brake discs for trucks have to offer safety and reliability assurance as standard not only because of the size of the vehicle but because of the variety of heavy loads they carry. When it comes to brake discs, every inch counts.

Brake discs undergo a huge amount of strain by working with other braking components to bring the vehicle to a stop. It is vital that braking disc replacement is done so in pairs. This not only maximises safety but stays in line with commercial vehicle regulations.

febi brake discs are manufactured using high-quality materials to ensure optimum balance between performance, ride comfort, and a long life cycle for a variety of vehicle makes and models.

febi braking components – advantages at a glance:

  • Use of high-quality materials – only the best materials are used in manufacturing processes to ensure optimum high-quality final products.
  • Precision Fit – febi ensure a precision fit to maximise safety and comfort for the driver. Precision fit also helps to avoid premature failure of any braking components.
  • A balance of performance, driving comfort and longevity.
  • Safety: Maximum braking performance, short braking distances. febi brake discs ensure short stopping distance by being high in quality and stringent on precision.

Popular parts in the range include:

With over 15,000 applications, febi’s Truck Division offers a wide range for the European commercial vehicle manufacturers. From steering, engine, braking, chassis and wheel mounting technology to vehicle electrics and pneumatics, febi covers all areas of vehicle component replacement.

Get more information about the complete offer of braking components at febi’s online catalogue here.