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HBA Distribution unveils new Autel ADAS Calibration System

HBA Distribution has unveiled Autel’s all new ADAS Calibration System, which offers advanced calibration for Camera, Radar, Lidar and Ultrasound based systems.

The Autel calibration frame is compatible with vehicle levelling lifts and is fully height adjustable.

The frame is of superiour quality and compatible with existing Autel MS908, MS9008Pro and Elite diagnostic tools.

Vehicles with ADAS systems can respond with passive warnings or take active measures where driving risks are sensed.

ADAS sensors process events and obstacles which may result in, for example, automatic braking or lane change warnings.

After repairing a vehicle, all ADAS sensors and systems need to be re-calibrated, to enable correct operation.

For more information on the Autel ADAS Calibration System contact HBA Distribution on 048 – 3753 1155