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Euromotive offers Power management products for HGVs

Euromotive has a range of power management solutions for the HGV market. One of these is its Battery Protect manufactured by Victron unit, which comes with a fve year warranty. This product is available from 65-220Amp.

Once this unit is fitted on, for example on a fridge circuit it prevents vehicle batteries from being discharged below a preset voltage.

The operator will then have to start the truck in order to allow the circuit to start up again thus preventing costly call outs to jump start the vehicle.

Euromotive is offering a range of high-quality Pure sine wave invertors from 300watt up to 3000watt for trucks. These units can benefit from a two year to a five year warranty and ensure reliable on board power for truck operators.

To back up this demand for extra power, Euromotive offers a full range of Gel Batteries for domestic use, separate to the starter batteries coupled with a split charging system for the latest Euro 6 trucks.

This system ensures the starter batteries are not discharged resulting in costly call outs.

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