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Checkpoint wheel nut indicators now available from Apaseal

The Checkpoint range of wheel nut indicators is now available from tyreshop equipment specialists, Apaseal.

With over 30 years’ experience Checkpoint is the original inventor of the loose wheel nut indicator. The extensive Checkpoint range offers a wide variety of wheel safety products, including indicators and retainers, which are designed to simplify and improve vehicle maintenance whilst increasing safety awareness.

The Checkpoint was the first ever product on the global market to provide an indication of wheel nut loosening. By placing the Checkpoints in a recognisable pattern such as point to point, any movement of the nut is clearly visible at a glance. The Checkpoint melts at a specific temperature to highlight any overheating issues with the wheel.

The Dustite LR is a combined wheel nut indicator and dust cap for wheels with trims and step rings. Dustite LR highlights possible nuts loosening and is designed to melt when there are early signs of overheating. The cap provides an added benefit to protect from land materials, extreme outdoor weather elements and corrosion.

The Ric Clip is a steel product designed to retain wheel nuts and help prevent loosening. It comprises of two coils which are easily fitted over two adjacent wheel nuts and can be continuously reused. When fitted the Ric Clip helps to dampen vibration and help prevent the wheel nuts loosening.

Unlike similar looking products Checkpoint products are all made from high quality materials such as virgin polymer to ensure a good fit, consistent performance and long life.

The company is confident its products will provide you and your business with: increased safety awareness, reduced maintenance costs, decreased vehicle and equipment downtime, simple and efficient tools to install and highly visible heat detection and defects.

With its dedicated team of innovators, Checkpoint continues to develop and expand its product range. With an extensive network of distributors in over 90 countries, Checkpoint is the recognised industry expert.

For more information contact Apaseal on +44 28 3026 2825