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Castrol can make a real difference to your vehicle’s performance

Keeping your trucks productive means keeping them on the road longer between essential maintenance, using fuel more efficiently and extending the life of engines.

Castrol’s full range of advanced engine oils, transmission fluids, antifreezes and greases can make it easier for you to use the right product for the right application and can help you achieve the best possible performance from your vehicles.

Castrol has engineered a product range of advanced diesel engine oils that can reduce frictional resistance and protect against corrosion and wear, assist in sealing, contribute to cooling the engine, and facilitate the suspension of harmful combustion by-products.

Whatever your vehicle’s requirements you can easily find the right product that will help your engine perform at its best.

In addition, Castrol’s product range for commercial vehicle engines includes lubricants designed to:

  • Help extend oil drain intervals

  • Help improve the fuel efficiency of your trucks

  • Help maintain the cleanliness of your engines

  • Provide excellent wear protection

  • Help you stay compliant with emissions legislation

Castrol commercial engine oil power brands

 Castrol Vecton and Castrol CRB offer leading edge technologies and fit-for-purpose solutions ensuring the right product can fulfil each of your needs, every time.

Castrol Vecton with System Pro Technology™ is for longer useful oil-life, giving confidence in the maximum drain intervals.

Modern trucks use new technologies to make as much as 30 per cent higher torque, but that also brings higher engine temperatures and pressures. This can lead to accelerated oxidation and oil thickening, increased build-up of deposits, and rapid depletion of the oil’s acid-controlling reserves. All of which pushes the oil closer to breakdown and reduces useful oil life.

The harshness of increased torque accompanied by increasing temperatures and pressures can lead to the following accelerated operating conditions:


High temperatures can accelerate the rate of oxidation and oil thickening. This reduces the flow to vital engine parts. System Pro Technology™ combats oxidation and oil thickening to help protect your engine from heat damage.


An increase in build-up of deposits can reduce efficiency and increase blow-by. System Pro Technology™ controls these harmful deposits by helping to keep pistons clean.

Corrosive wear

The rapid depletion of the oil’s acid-controlling reserves can leave surfaces vulnerable to corrosive wear. System Pro Technology™ protects surfaces from corrosive wear by helping to neutralise acids.Castrol Vecton with System Pro Technology™ delivers up to 45 per cent extra performance reserve1 that fights oil breakdown by helping to control oxidation, reduce deposits, neutralise harmful acids, and also adapts to higher temperatures, maintaining viscosity. That means longer useful oil life, giving you confidence in your maximum drain interval.

All Castrol Vecton products are certified CO2 neutral according to the internationally applicable PAS2060 standard.

The Castrol Vecton range includes products which are specifically engineered to perform in extreme conditions and deliver in areas like fuel economy and extended drain

Castrol Vecton Fuel Saver is fully synthetic diesel engine oil that gives up to 1 per cent 2 fuel saving in a Euro V engine using the European Transient Cycle test when compared to a modern top tier 15W-40 engine oil. It also gives an excellent performance at low temperatures.

Castrol Vecton Long rain – SAE 10W-40 and SAE 10W-30 diesel engine oils have been tested for extended drains up to 120,000 km2.

Castrol CRB range provides effective piston deposit control and maintains viscosity to encourage long and healthy engine life.

Castrol CRB is formulated to deliver a high level of engine protection throughout service intervals, which can help you avoid unexpected downtime and minimise repair costs. Castrol CRB range includes:

Castrol CRB Multi and Castrol CRB Monograde with cleaning agents which displace particles that may otherwise build up on your engine surfaces, reducing deposits. They also contain anti-oxidants which disrupt the chemical reactions that can lead to oil thickening.

Walsh Lubricants, a Castrol National Authorised Distributor, specialises in the storage and nationwide distribution of Castrol’s wide range of high-quality lubricants and greases.

Walsh Lubricants is proud to supply Castrol’s completely refreshed portfolio for Commercial Vehicles, while its dedicated nationwide sales team can provide you with up to date technical advice on Castrol products and specifications. Along with keenly-priced products Walsh Lubricants offers prompt delivery and a committed after sales service.

Contact Walsh Lubricants for details of its current Castrol Merchandise Promo and your local area manager will handle your enquiry.

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