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FTA raises concern over new tyre safety standards

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) in the UK has expressed concern at government proposals to tighten tyre safety standards by banning 10-year-old tyres for lorries, buses and minibuses, but not for commercial vans.

The Department for Transport (DfT) and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) launched a consultation on banning older tyres, this week.

The Department for Transport is seeking views on a proposed ban on tyres aged 10 years and older from certain vehicle types, to improve road safety.

In response to the publication of the consultation, James Firth, FTA’s Head of Road Freight Regulation Policy, commented: “FTA is calling for the government to include vans in its consultation on banning 10-year-old tyres; with more than 4.2 million of these vehicles on our roads, van operators must be held against the same compliance and safety standards as any other commercial vehicle.

“FTA is committed to ensuring the highest safety standards are met across the logistics industry; we want to see a strong enforcement effort against all vehicles which may compromise road safety, including caravans and trailers.”

The consultation follows a passionate campaign by Frances Molloy, whose son Michael died in a coach crash caused by a 19-year-old tyre in 2012. Her work with the ‘Tyred’ campaign led to the consultation being launched.

The FTA adds that it is a “champion and challenger”, and speaks to its government with “one voice on behalf of the whole sector, with members from the road, rail, sea and air industries, as well as the buyers of freight services such as retailers and manufacturers”.