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febi offers OE matching brake pads for CVs

febi bilstein provides a range of brake pads in OE matching quality for a variety of commercial vehicles.

When the braking system is used over a prolonged period of time and heat is generated, failure of the braking system can occur through brake fade. Only the perfect interplay between brake discs and brake pads allow optimum functioning braking. It is important that the brake pads fit the brake disc, where the best possible friction coefficient can be achieved.

Brake pads are subject to extreme high temperatures of up to 80 degrees, therefore it is vital to replace these wear parts with high quality replacements. Brake Pads from febi are rigorously tested by scorching processes after manufacture. Brake pads are baked at high temperatures to test for optimum performance and safety. febi will only provide brake pads that have undergone rigorous testing, to ensure maximum safety for the driver and others on the road.

febi braking components – advantages at a glance:

  • Use of OE matching friction materials – only the best materials are used in manufacturing processes.
  • Precision Fit – febi ensure a precision match to OE backing plates to maximise safety and comfort for the driver.
  • Designed for a balance of performance, driving comfort and longevity.
  • Safety: Maximum braking performance short braking distances. febi brake pads ensure short stopping distance by being high in quality and stringent on precision.

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