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DAF CF Electric wins ‘Green Truck’ award

The DAF CF Electric has been awarded ‘Green Truck Logistics Solution 2019’.

On the eve of the Transport Logistic trade fair in Munich, Germany, trade magazines VerkehrsRundschauand and Trucker also honoured container hinterland logistics network, Contargo for taking the first DAFs CF Electric into operation in Germany.

These fully electric field test vehicles collect and deliver containers at the inland Port of Duisburg in Germany. The Green Truck Logistics Solution Award is a prestigious accolade for the deployment of promising upcoming technologies for innovative, sustainable logistics around Europe.

The two fully electric DAF trucks for Rhenus’ subsidiary Contargo are part of an extensive field test of multiple trucks in Europe and the first CFs Electric that are put into operation in Germany.

The DAF CF Electric is a 100 per cent electric 4×2 tractor unit developed for operations of up to 37 tonnes in urban areas, where single-axle or dual-axle trailers are the norm. The vehicle is based on the DAF CF, with a fully electric drive using VDL’s E-Power Technology. The core of its intelligent powertrain is a 210-kW electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery pack with a current total capacity of 170 kWh. The CF Electric has a range of up to 100 kilometres, depending on the weight of its cargo, making it suitable for zero emissions high-volume transport in urban areas. The batteries have a 30-minute quick-charge feature while a full charge takes just one-and-a-half hours.

Richard Zink, director of marketing and sales and DAF Trucks Board of Management member said: “Electric trucks will be part of future urban life in Europe. The data we collect about the full electric technology and operational usage with leading parties such as Contargo will be engineered into the specifications of the final production models, ensuring that the vehicles will seamlessly satisfy the market’s needs.”

From left to right: Gerhard Grünig, editor in chief of both Trucker and VerkehrsRundschau hands over the Green Truck Logistic Solutions Award to Heinricht Kerstgens, CEO of Contargo and Max Franz, representative of DAF Trucks Deutschland. Right: Jan Burgdorf, editor of Trucker and Verkehrs-Rundschau.

Aiming for full decarbonisation by 2050 was underlined by Sascha Hähnke, managing director of Rhenus Trucking, who said: “Along with Contargo, we want to move in an innovative direction that no other logistics service providers have yet taken. The electric trucks are part of the first battery-powered truck fleet in Germany. By doing this, we’re making a statement in various directions that this technology has a future.”

Rhenus CEO Michael Viefers added: “There’s a very high willingness at Rhenus to test out new technologies, enabling us to provide resource-efficient logistics. That involves us taking an open approach to technology and we’ll be continuing to sustainably improve our vehicle fleet for our customers’ benefit.”

Verified calculations were essential to the selection process for the award. According to these numbers, use of the DAF CF Electric reduces carbon emissions by at least 38 per cent, even when using only electricity sourced from the usual grey-and-green energy mix. “Contargo is planning to switch to green electricity at all the terminals it uses,” added Jan Burgdorf, head of testing and technology at VerkehrsRundschau and Trucker. “As a result, well-to-wheel CO2emissions can be decreased by almost 90 per cent.”

Not only the DAF CF Electric was awarded, the DAF CF 450 was also put on the podium for the Green Truck 2019 award. With its low fuel consumption of only 23.39 litres per 100 km on the Trucker’s test route, the CF 450 underlined DAF’s continuing focus on the highest efficient diesel engines for long-haul transport.